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There’s this phrase that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. The phrase says that we have been"created to create.” To me, this saying sums up everything about why I do what I do. Growing up, I was always drawn to crafts and making things pretty. While living in Ghana, I learned how to embroider and
crochet but I lost those skills when I moved back to the United States since I had no one to teach me. In the States, I discovered that I had and still have strong affinity to stationary and glitter. I loved the idea of creating and always tried catch the Martha Stewart show to see if I could learn to make the items she
made. Some days I was successful, and other days I did not have the necessary tools to follow along. On those days, I’d watch and make note of all the tools and stationary I would buy when I grew up.

As I got older, I got busy with other things but the love of crafting was always present. Whether it was making a poster for a presentation (I spent more time on the posters than on the actual research), decorating notebooks, lockers, basically anything with a surface. As a Resident Assistant (RA) in college, I loved making door decals and extravagant bulletin boards. When I taught, I would weave crafting lessons and projects every day in my classroom and I was naturally more excited about the projects than my kindergarteners. My class probably used more cardstock than the rest of the school

In 2014, I decided to make good on my childhood note/promise to myself and start learning the techniques and getting the crafting tools I was not able to afford when I was younger. As I was learning, I began creating for my family and friends as they got married, gave birth, bought homes, started
businesses, etc. It was then that people began encouraging me to think about creating a shop. It wasn’t until 2017 when my niece Imani was born, that I found my niche in crafting. What began as a quest to learn how to make hair bows for my niece, turned into Adj Creates. I’m thankful to God for what Adj
Creates has become and can’t wait to see where He takes it.

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